Mahamodara Lake , Mahamodara River, Coastline of Galle fort

Sustainable Tourism and the Single use Plastic pollution had been research by our expert team to develop mechanism to eradicate pollutant running in to the Ocean.

Don’t let them feed our garbage

How we care

Plastic Pollution Control

Galle Fort is a Tourist Destination throughout the history, there are leading river basin of Gin Ganga (river) outlet and Mahamodara Lake outlet which facing the cost, has been utilize to industries hundreds of years, Duch made canal directing to the Galle harbor was used to transport goods and items for exports.

since then fishery communities was occupied these river basins and many more settlements popes-up last five decades.

commercialization of river basins has increase the pollution and made made disaster to the environment.

Grow with Us

Carbon offset

Strategic planning of mitigating and retaliating harmful emissions in our tourism operations to be eco-friendly, and which are highly esteemed by our clients from an array of countries.

These projects are initiated with the help of Community Organizations and Youth participation. Where ClimatesTours share the profit of earnings to allocate small projects like awareness, green energy , clean-up-campaigns etc